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At Word of Mouth Restaurants, our philosophy starts with caring for people, and that begins with my team – not just employees, but part of my family. This extends further to our farmers, suppliers and ultimately to our guests.

To us, genuine hospitality is the ability to serve with compassion, graciousness, and attention to the desires of our guests. We are fortunate to share these relationships and we strive every day to serve with grace.

Michel Arnette

I started my career in the restaurant business when I was 15 years old in my home town of Montgomery, Alabama. Through high school and college I worked as a bus boy, server and bartender. In the early years my mom told me that the attraction to the restaurant industry was a natural, as her mom had made her living as a waitress working in restaurants in Mobile, Alabama.

Since then, I’ve spent my entire career in the industry and was lucky enough to work for some very successful operators, gaining experience and growing my love for this business. In the mid 1980’s I relocated to Atlanta and began working in the local restaurant scene and spent 16 years working for two of Atlanta’s most successful restaurant companies. In that environment, I built my own reputation by being focused on detail, consistency and genuine hospitality; I flourished while working in a large corporate restaurant atmosphere. That experience was the foundation and inspiration that I needed to go out on my own.

I am very fortunate to have relationships with people who helped me carve my path to becoming a restauranteur. There are way to many to thank but two that are most important. First Id like to thank Tonya, a person who always inspired me to follow my dream to venture out on my own as a restauranteur. Additionally my business partner, Steve Rayman. Not long after I met this gentleman, he made me an extremely generous offer, “Michel, you are the best I’ve ever seen at what you do.” He finished his statement with “and let me know when you are ready to open your own restaurant… I am forever grateful to the two of them for helping my dream become a reality, as I would not be where I am today without them.

The Restaurants

Just as a child’s name encompasses the love and significance of family and identity, so do the names of my restaurants. HAVEN was named after our neighborhood, Brookhaven, where my family has lived for more than 17 years. Our second restaurant, Valenza, gets its name came from a small city in the Piedmonte region of Italy, and it was a natural choice for my wife and I since the city also carried our son’s name, Valen. In Italian, the word “vero” simply means true, which matched perfectly to the idea for our third concept- producingpizza in the true to the napoletana pizzerias in Napoli.

Our first restaurant venture, HAVEN, opened on November 13th, 2003. My goal with HAVEN was to offer a dining experience where guests felt warm, cozy and safe. After an incredible experience I had opening a small neighborhood restaurant in the Highlands area of Atlanta in the late 80’s, I knew I wanted to return to a small and intimate dining experience, where our guests could “feel the love.”

One of my strongest passions is Italian culture and cuisine. The goal with Valenza was to treat Atlanta to an authentic Italian dining experience, as if they were swept away to the Italian countryside where the food is simple and elegant, the wines are robust, and the people are warm and friendly, and with that simple set of ideas in mind, Valenza opened on August 20th, 2007.

The latest concept is our authentic napoletana pizzeria, vero, opened in December of 2015. My family vacationed in the Campania region of Italy several years ago and we fell in love with this style of pizza, and knew we had to bring it home to Brookhaven to share. Vero pizzeria offers Atlanta an opportunity to enjoy the tastes of Napoli.

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Arnette’s Chop Shop is a modern expression of the classic american steakhouse. The restaurant’s interior was created to compliment the industrial modern design movement in renovated warehouse spaces.

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HAVEN is an upscale urban eatery, featuring dark rustic woods, warm earth tones and textured wall finishes with soft amber lighting, all inviting a sense of comfort and style as you dine.

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VALENZA has the heart and spirit of a cozy and warm Italian village café in an upscale setting. The dining room features venetian plastered walls with rustic oak and pine woods.

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An authentic Napolitano pizzeria, Vero is the direct result of a family vacation in the Campania region of Italy. On that trip, we fell in love with this style of pizza, and knew we had to bring it home to share.

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